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Led by book ghostwriting master Claudia Suzanne, our team of publishing experts guides authors through every step of the book creation process with a focus on quality and results. 

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Absolute JOY

This feels like a weight lifted off of me—you carried me, and I felt it. Working with you two has made me realize I want everyone on my team to be of your caliber.

Eileen O.

Wellness Author

Blown Away

GPDP isn't like any course or program I've ever taken. From week one, the instructors emphasized utility over theory. The distance from learning to earning is happily short...

Joshua L

Certified Ghostwriter


I learned quite a bit and it is helping me help my clients better. I like your approach. It's one of quality, and I want to learn it.

Sheri R.

Freelance writer

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Claudia Suzanne

Ghostwriting master

Speaker, Author, Innovator, CEO 
Wambtac Communications LLC

Come Back!

Loved the interview... you were amazing! When can I get you to come back on the show?

JW Najarian

Metta Media Group