Book pile with Code of Ethics printed on closed pages

I will not ghostwrite academic works

I will not ghostwrite legal or medical works unless the author reviews, approves, and takes responsibility for all content

I will not take byline, copyright, or any other form of collaboration or co-author credit

I will not substitute A.I. generated text for ghostwritten material

I will not override the author's intent or perspective with my own

I will not claim the author's information, methodology, theory, experience, story, or other core point(s) as my own in any way, at any time, for any reason

I will not feed the author's confidential or proprietary material into A.I. content generators

I will negotiate fees and deadlines in good faith and will deliver my best efforts at all times

I will write and honor an equitable contract that fully details my services, deliverables, negotiated fee, deadline, and emergency-replacement plan

I will hold the author's name and book title as proprietary and confidential unless given express permission to reveal it