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Book Ghostwriting is Where the Money is, Pure and Simple

Anyone can hang out a shingle saying they’re a ghostwriter, but only an elite few make upwards of $105,000 every year.

Join us to find out the truth about ghostwriting books and how you can join that select group of high-earning professionals.


What to expect

An interactive, “meaty” session presented by “The Einstein of Ghostwriters” Claudia Suzanne and her Team Leaders about the state of the book industry—and why it desperately needs more professional ghostwriters.

Get insider perspectives about client realities, nonfiction v. memoir v. fiction, the national and international ghostwriting market, and, of course, what you need to join the ranks of highly paid pros. 

What I will cover

Ghostwriter Breakdown

There are different types of ghostwriters. Find out about their typical fee ranges and what it takes to move up the earning pyramid.

Ultimate Editorial Toolbox

Book ghostwriting has myriad "moving parts" that let you command top professional fees. Learn about Specialty Skills, Industry Knowledge, Mindset, and Ghostwriting Psych.

You & your career

The demand for book ghostwriters higher now than ever before. Discover how you can leverage your skills and experience into a lucrative new business model. 

This Free Webinar is the First Step on the Path to Your New Career

Methodology + Expertise = Success!

Here's What People Say About Professional Ghostwriting

I just signed on my first African client for an A&R and a New Jersey client for coaching. Quite a good morning.

I remained amazed at the perfection of the services/packages you’ve come up with! They cover every possible author and situation. What a business model.

Lorraine Ash, Certified Ghostwriter

Getting these two jobs back-to-back made everything you taught me in nonfiction click into place. Your system works!

Cynthia Yockey, GPDP Student

I am so grateful to all of you for my new most excellent and super-satisfying career. I love it when people ask what I do. I say, “I write books. For other people. And they pay me!”

Donna Mosher, Certified Ghostwriter

We'll Answer These Frequently Asked Questions


What are the going rates, and do they vary by region?


Is there a best-practices contract template I can use for all projects?

Specialty Skills

What is "musical line editing" and how is it different from regular editing?


Are there specific templates for nonfiction vs. memoir and fiction?


Will I get everything I need from this webinar, or do I have to take a program to level up my career?


Is there a community of professional ghostwriters I can talk to and learn from?

I have been where you are now...

I transformed myself from a low-paid club musician to a low-paid content freelancer writer, editor, and ghostwriter—until I reverse-engineered the insider secrets, specialty skills, ghostwriting psych, and professional mindset that not only let me make more money, but actually command higher fees and attract more viable clients.

Claudia Suzanne

The Ghostwriting Expert

Working with you two has made me realize I want everyone on my team to be of your caliber.

Eileen O'Grady

PhD, RN, NP, and Founder of The School of Wellness

It's never too late to make the changes you need to Elevate Your Writing Business Success

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